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September 19 2017

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Dwa miesiące od zawiązania Janusz Piechociński wciąż czynnie wspiera kampanię "Wolne Sondy"
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September 18 2017

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Can we even help men anymore at this point

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mniam mniam <3 [2]
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September 17 2017

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you're going to gulag for this, you know &)
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September 16 2017

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Ученым удалось впервые получить фото кота Шредингера в момент перехода между квантовыми состояниями….

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Masha The Hero

They forgot the part where the ambulance actually stopped to let the cat in

oh good I was worried

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September 13 2017

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September 12 2017

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September 11 2017

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